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Our Design Process

Here's each step in a typical project with Vail Cabinets:

1. You contact us about getting started on your project. Wahoo! Now the fun begins. A lead designer will be assigned to your project and will serve as your point of contact throughout your project.


2. We will schedule an initial design consultation with you at the showroom. If you have floor plans, rough sketches, room measurements, magazine clippings of design styles you like, etc - bring those to this meeting! This meeting is all about identifying your design style and establishing the project scope and timeline.


3. If you did not bring in a floor plan or room measurements to your initial design consultation, we will schedule time to conduct a field measure at your jobsite.


4. Once we have measurements of your space, we will be able to put together a preliminary estimate for your project. We strive to provide accurate estimates right off the bat, and won't change the price on you later unless you make changes to the finish selections or design.


5. If the estimate is within your budget and you're on board to work with us, at this time we collect a design retainer. A typical design retainer is in the amount of 10% of your project estimate. This retainer allows your designer to get started on shop drawings for your project, and covers the cost of their design time and subsequent field visits. This is a non refundable retainer, but fully applies toward the purchase of your cabinets.


6. At this point in the process, your designer will provide you with an initial set of shop drawings that provide perspective, plan and elevation views of your new space. You will typically have a couple of design revisions as you review the design, but we've found we can usually nail down a final layout within two revisions.


7. Now that you've finalized your design, you're ready to order! At this time, we collect a deposit in the amount of 65% of the order. As we finalize your order for submittal and go through the confirmation process where we triple check every detail of your order, we will receive a delivery week for your order. We will communicate this delivery week with you or your general contractor to make sure we're all coordinated for arrival of your cabinetry.


8. If you have hired us to install your project, at this time we will schedule a time slot within our installation calendar. Because our installer is so good at what he does, he typically books out over a month in advance so we like to get your project on his calendar ASAP after your order has been placed.


9. Your cabinets are here! We will coordinate with you or your general contractor directly to schedule delivery and offloading of your cabinets. At this time, the remaining 35% balance due on cabinetry will be due.


10. The last step in the process is installation. Once complete, our installation manager will conduct a final walk through of your project to determine any outstanding punchlist items that need to be addressed and to confirm all work is finished and to your satisfaction.


Ready to move forward?
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